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This site is devoted to increasing the use of ceiling fans within hotels.  There are many benefits of using a ceiling fan that are, by and large unrecognised, and apart from saving a large amount of energy they are a far more cost-effective cooling option than air conditioning saving about 90% of the capital cost and 95% of the running costs.  A ceiling fan will not only gently stir the air providing a very gentle breeze at night but more importantly will do it quietly (not like a noisy desk fan or pedestal fan), reliably and cost-effectively.  Since it only ever gets hot enough to use air-conditioning in the UK for just a few weeks a year it really is overkill for what is needed.  When you factor in the large cost of installing, maintaining and using such a system then the true cost for just those few weeks is astronomical.    We have even heard stories of the air-conditioning being “broken” in order to save on the owner’s energy bills during the the credit crunch!


Garza Blanca Resort Puerto Vallarta




















Many hotels in the UK simply don’t bother with any form of air cooling because they consider that the only option is expensive air-conditioning. This means that when a heatwave hits then things become unbearable in the bedrooms and the helpless staff are left having to placate the angry customers and make emergency purchases of cheap desk or tower fans which are noisy and ineffective – that last thing you need in a bedroom.  Why watch your guests all disappear to the nearest hotel which is cool and can charge higher prices for worst quality rooms?   Far better to install a small but effective ceiling fan in each bedroom which will not only make the room bearable during a heatwave but far more comfortable in the spring and autumn when the air gets hot and stuffy even with the window open.  A major benefit is that installing a quality ceiling fan such as Hunter will mean an almost silent operation thus ensuring that the guests are not disturbed by annoying hums and blade noises.  Another significant benefit is that the air is not dried out with a ceiling fan as with air-conditioning causing irritation and sore eyes not to mention the spread of flu viruses and the like.

If you already have air-conditioning installed and would like to simply save yourself 30% on the running costs then just install a ceiling fan.  You can then turn down the setting on the air-con as the extra air movement and associated wind-chill factor will mean that it feels the same the only difference is that you save energy and money!

Many hotels are located on busy main roads which have noisy traffic passing well into the night so even the option of opening a window is not available.  To be in such a situation with absolutely no air movement at all is tantamount to purgatory.  If anyone still remains to be convinced of the efficacy of using ceiling fans we suggest you try them out in a couple of rooms and gauge the customer reaction.

Above is a shot of the beautiful Garza Blanca Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where these brand new $2m a piece condos and hotel complex make extensive use of Hunter ceiling fans both inside and out on the veranda (where air-conditioning wouldn’t work anyway).